50 Funny Life Hacks That Will Make You Laugh

Funny Life Hacks

We all need a little more laughter in our lives! That’s why I’ve compiled this list of 50 funny life hacks that will surely make you smile. These silly tips and tricks won’t necessarily make your life easier, but they will brighten your day. Enjoy funny life hacks!!

  1. Use cookie cutters to cut your pancakes into fun shapes. Kids will love it, making breakfast a little more entertaining.
  2. Put googly eyes on all your fruits and vegetables. It’s hard not to laugh when your apple is staring back at you!
  3. Set your ringtone as a hilarious song or silly sound effect. You’ll chuckle every time your phone rings.
  4. Draw faces on your fingertips with markers when you’re bored. Then, put on a fingertip puppet show.
  5. Use pool noodles as substitute baseball bats for a fun backyard game.
  6. Grow a tiny handlebar mustache from pipe cleaners and wear it all day.
  7. Doodle silly graffiti on all the sticky notes around your home office.
  8. Set up finger traps between two glasses as an impromptu drinking game.
  9. Have an outdoor picnic on a windy day and fly kites from paper bags.
  10. Make a homework station for your kids out of flexible duct tubing.
  11. Use sponges as makeshift crowns as you rule over your imaginary kingdom.
  12. Repurpose giant cardboard boxes into cars, castles, submarines, or anything you want!
  13. Create an indoor mini golf course using plastic cups as holes.
  14. Glue googly eyes onto your electronics so you always have a friendly face to talk to.
  15. Decorate hats and visors with silly phrases to make people laugh when you’re out.
  16. Set up an egg and spoon race using plastic easter eggs in the backyard.
  17. Dress up inflatable holiday decorations in funny outfits like capes and sunglasses.
  18. Create a homemade car wash in the driveway using squirt bottles and sponges.
  19. Make a paper airplane bowling alley and have a contest playing indoor catch.
  20. Could you replace people’s family photos with pics of you or silly cartoon characters?
  21. Leave funny fortunes hidden in Chinese food takeout boxes before your family dinner.
  22. Make silly scavenger hunts for kids with rhyming clues leading to treats.
  23. Doodle monsters or crazy hair onto people’s pictures in magazines and books.
  24. Make a baby laugh hysterically by hiding behind furniture and popping up.
  25. When friends borrow, you can set your phone background to a hilarious selfie.
  26. Leave funny sticky note messages under toilet seats to surprise people.
  27. Create a makeshift Balance Beam out of cardboard boxes and wrapping paper rolls.
  28. Make Captain Underpants out of TP rolls and create a silly crime scene.
  29. Flatter people with hilarious fake awards printed out on papers rolled into scrolls.
  30. Set your GPS voice to a funny celebrity voice for a laugh on road trips.
  31. Play pranks on friends with sticky sounds under toilet seats and googly eyeballs in cereal boxes.
  32. Could you surprise someone in the shower with a silly face mask for a hilarious scream?
  33. Pretend to open doors like a Jedi master, making funny sound effects.
  34. Print out funny motivational posters like “Keep calm and eat pizza” to hang up at home.
  35. Make finger puppets from Q-Tips and break into a silly improv show.
  36. Use masking tape to make funny facial hair like mutton chops and handlebar mustaches for everyone.
  37. Make paper airplanes out of junk mail and have contests to see who flies farthest.
  38. Replace keyboard keys with similar-looking ones out of order to confuse people.
  39. Form tin foil into funny hats like Viking helmets for kids to wear all day.
  40. Play pranks on your pets with sticky notes that say “Kick me” or other silly phrases.
  41. Leave whoopie cushions on chairs around your house or office when people visit.
  42. Make toilet paper binoculars and leave them in bathrooms to inspire imagination.
  43. Freeze funny face ice cubes shaped using mold trays to weird people out.
  44. Decorate cardboard boxes like race cars for kids to wear and “drive” around pretending.
  45. Make silly, unique ringtones to surprise your family and friends.
  46. Dress up like tourists and visit local attractions, taking goofy photos.
  47. Play a mini golf hole down your stairs into waste paper baskets below.
  48. Use Styrofoam noodle floaties to have silly unicorn or shark battles.
  49. Make and hide mini finger puppets around the house to inspire creativity.
  50. Buy crazy patterned or colorful socks to make people laugh when you take your shoes off!

This list gave you some ideas for funny life hacks that will add more laughter to your everyday life. Don’t take things too seriously, and remember to embrace your silly side! Let loose and have some goofy fun with these hacks.